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With thousands of baseball web sites on the Internet, it's sometimes difficult to find the specific information you're looking for. Below is a list of some of the sites with the best baseball offerings. For a more detailed menu of baseball links, try the following sites:

Baseball Newsstand
Baseball: On the Net
Best Baseball Info on the Net
John Skilton's Baseball Links
Society for American Baseball Research Member Sites
Suite 101: Baseball

Please report broken links. Here's the list:

CNN/SI features the Internet's most comprehensive free baseball statistics for active players. The player profiles include current-season and career situational statistics that can be saved as text files and imported into a spreadsheet. Similarly, the historical profiles provide statistics for more than 15,000 major-leaguers. CNN/SI's message boards are easy to use and usually feature lively, intelligent baseball discussions.

ESPN also provides detailed player statistics, including situational statistics. Some of ESPN's features require paid membership, however. Rob Neyer's column is the best baseball writing on the Internet. Neyer formerly worked at STATS, Inc., and knows how to put numbers to good use.

Nando's SportServer offers old boxscores, as well as archival information from recent seasons.

USA Today includes links to USA Today Baseball Weekly, as well as Jeff Sagarin's computer player rankings. The statistical archive has individual player statistics going back to 1992.

The Sporting News has player statistics sortable by biographical data such as height, weight, birthplace, and college, and also features archives with historical materials.

CBS Sportsline, Fox Sports, and MSNBC Sports offer little out of the ordinary.

The Associated Press has all the latest wire stories and provides most of the articles featured on other sites.

Total Baseball is a complete baseball encyclopedia on the Internet and offers player statistics for more than 15,000 major-leaguers as well as standings, league leaders, award voting, records, and biographical information on the best players of all time. Also visit the related Total Sports Baseball, where you can arrange to have Total Baseball Daily delivered to your e-mail box every day.

Major League Baseball's official site includes the press releases and other propaganda, but also includes historical information and the official rules.

Fastball is a quality baseball site featuring archives and player rankings, as well as up-to-date information.

Sean Lahman's Baseball Archive offers a wealth of baseball information, including statistics, economic data, essays, and historical materials. The site also a free, downloadable baseball database. One version can be imported into many database programs, while another version is preformatted for Microsoft Access.

Kenneth Matinale's BaseBall DataBase is available at his site. It's a shareware baseball database for PCs that comes with its own application and, thus, does not require any other software to use.

Jim Furtado's Baseball Stuff and its companion Baseball Think Factory present some of the best baseball research on the Internet. The Baseball Think Factory addresses all kinds of questions on evaluating players, clutch hitting, baseball economics, and other analytical materials. If you were a reader of Bill James' Baseball Abstracts, you'll enjoy this site. Perhaps the best study at the Baseball Think Factory is Tom Ruane's value-added runs created section, measuring every player since 1980 based on play-by-play performance.

Clifford Blau's Original Baseball Research site features essays on park factors, artificial turf, and Bill Mazeroski, just to name a few. Stathead Consulting offers player and pitcher evaluations based on its VORP system, which is explained in painful detail on the site. High Boskage House Baseball is another site with current player evaluations.

The Society for American Baseball Research also has a home page with some information on the organization.

Retrosheet is another baseball research organization that has undertaken the mammoth effort of computerizing scoresheets and game data for seasons prior to the 1980s. Some day we might know how the Bambino hit against left-handers in Yankee Stadium on Wednesdays. The information they're uncovering is going to be invaluable to future baseball research.

The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum has a site offering information on members and the institution as well as directions on how to reach remote Cooperstown, N.Y.

The Baseball City Hall of Fame is one fan's endeavor to so a better job picking immortals than the real Hall of Fame has done.

If you're looking for baseball books, try this site's Baseball Books page.

At least three publishers have sites on the Web. STATS, Inc., produces the best annual statistical guides, and information on its products and other services is available on its site.

Another publication, featuring essays and analysis in addition to statistics, is the Big Bad Baseball Annual. The site features some of the materials from the book, including player evaluations.

Also visit the Baseball Prospectus, another annual publication whose site features excerpts and player ratings, as well as lots of strange acronyms.

For information on some of the best baseball titles in print, try Greg Spira's Baseball Book Survey. Terry Sloope's Baseball Bookshelf also lists baseball books by category. Rob Neyer lists his Essential Baseball Library alongside his baseball column at ESPN.

Of the links sites listed above, John Skilton's Baseball Links is the most comprehensive. He maintains over 4,000 links in more than 20 categories.

Greg Spira's Best Baseball Info on the Net is less extensive, but offers an essay about the pros and cons of several links. Spira's Suite 101: Baseball also offers a good list of links along with some interesting essays.

Baseball: On the Net is a massive list of Internet links and newsgroups.

The Baseball Newsstand from Jim Furtado's Baseball Stuff site has a lengthy list of columnists, magazines, and hometown newspapers for every team.