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    AL   1901-present  American League
    Ana  1997-present  Anaheim, Calif. (changed from California, 1997)
    Bal  1901-1902     Baltimore, Md. (replaced by New York, 1903)
    Bal  1954-present  Baltimore, Md. (moved from St. Louis, 1954)
    Bos  1901-present  Boston, Mass.
    Cal  1965-1996     California (changed from Los Angeles, 1965, changed to Anaheim, 1997)
    Chi  1901-present  Chicago, Ill.
    Cle  1901-present  Cleveland, Ohio
    Det  1901-present  Detroit, Mich.
    KC   1955-1967     Kansas City, Mo. (moved from Philadelphia, 1955, moved to Oakland, 1968)
    KC   1969-present  Kansas City, Mo. (added by expansion, 1969)
    LA   1961-1964     Los Angeles (added by expansion, 1961, changed to California, 1965)
    Mil  1901          Milwaukee, Wis. (replaced by St. Louis, 1902)
    Mil  1970-1997     Milwaukee, Wis. (moved from Seattle, 1970, moved to National League, 1998)
    Min  1961-present  Minnesota, Minn. (moved from Washington, 1961)
    NY   1903-present  New York, N.Y. (replaced Baltimore, 1903)
    Oak  1968-present  Oakland, Calif. (moved from Kansas City, 1968)
    Phi  1901-1954     Philadelphia, Penn. (moved to Kansas City, 1955)
    StL  1902-1953     St. Louis, Mo. (moved to Baltimore, 1954)
    Sea  1969          Seattle, Wash. (added by expansion, 1969, moved to Milwaukee, 1970)
    Sea  1977-present  Seattle, Wash. (added by expansion, 1977)
    TB   1998-present  Tampa Bay, Fla. (added by expansion, 1998)
    Tex  1972-present  Texas (Arlington) (moved from Washington, 1972)
    Tor  1977-present  Toronto, Canada (added by expansion, 1977)
    Was  1901-1960     Washington, D.C. (moved to Minnesota, 1961)
    Was  1901-1971     Washington, D.C. (added by expansion, 1961, moved to Texas, 1972)

    NL   1876-present  National League
    Arz  1998-present  Arizona (Phoenix) (added by expansion, 1998)
    Atl  1966-present  Atlanta, Ga. (moved from Milwaukee, 1966)
    Bal  1892-1899     Baltimore, Md. (moved from American Association, 1892)
    Bos  1876-1952     Boston, Mass. (moved to Milwaukee, 1953)
    Bro  1890-1957     Brooklyn, N.Y. (moved from American Association, 1890, moved to Los Angeles, 1958)
    Buf  1879-1885     Buffalo, N.Y.
    Chi  1876-present  Chicago, Ill.
    Cin  1876-1880     Cincinnati, Ohio
    Cin  1890-present  Cincinnati, Ohio (moved from American Association, 1890)
    Cle  1879-1884     Cleveland, Ohio
    Cle  1889-1899     Cleveland, Ohio (moved from American Association, 1889)
    Col  1993-present  Colorado (Denver) (added by expansion, 1993)
    Det  1881-1888     Detroit, Mich.
    Fla  1993-present  Florida (Miami) (added by expansion, 1993)
    Har  1876-1877     Hartford, Conn. (played in Brooklyn in 1877)
    Hou  1962-present  Houston, Texas (added by expansion, 1962)
    Ind  1878          Indianapolis, Ind.
    Ind  1887-1889     Indianapolis, Ind.
    KC   1886          Kansas City, Mo.
    LA   1958-present  Los Angeles, Calif. (moved from Brooklyn, 1958)
    Lou  1876-1877     Lousiville, Ky.
    Lou  1892-1899     Lousiville, Ky. (moved from American Association, 1892)
    Mil  1878          Milwaukee, Wis.
    Mil  1953-1965     Milwaukee, Wis. (moved from Boston, 1953, moved to Atlanta, 1966)
    Mil  1998-present  Milwaukee, Wis. (moved from American League, 1998)
    Mon  1969-present  Montreal, Canada (added by expansion, 1969)
    NY   1876          New York, N.Y. (played in Brooklyn, 1876)
    NY   1883-1957     New York, N.Y. (moved to San Francisco, 1958)
    NY   1962-present  New York, N.Y. (added by expansion, 1962)
    Phi  1876          Philadelphia, Penn.
    Phi  1883-present  Philadelphia, Penn.
    Pit  1887-present  Pittsburgh, Penn. (moved from American Association, 1887)
    Pro  1878-1885     Providence, R.I.
    StL  1876-1877     St. Louis, Mo.
    StL  1885-1886     St. Louis, Mo.
    StL  1892-present  St. Louis, Mo. (moved from American Association, 1892)
    SD   1969-present  San Diego, Calif. (added by expansion, 1969)
    SF   1958-present  San Francisco, Calif. (moved from New York, 1958)
    Syr  1879          Syracuse, N.Y.
    Tro  1879-1882     Troy, N.Y.
    Was  1886-1889     Washington, D.C.
    Was  1892-1899     Washington, D.C. (moved from American Association, 1892)
    Wor  1880-1882     Worcester, Mass.

    FL   1914-1915     Federal League
    Bal  1914-1915     Baltimore, Md.
    Bro  1914-1915     Brooklyn, N.Y.
    Buf  1914-1915     Buffalo, N.Y.
    Chi  1914-1915     Chicago, Ill.
    Ind  1914-1915     Indianapolis, Ind. (moved to Newark, 1914)
    KC   1914-1915     Kansas City, Mo.
    New  1914-1915     Newark, N.J.
    Pit  1914-1915     Pittsburgh, Penn.
    StL  1914-1915     St. Louis, Mo. 

    AA   1882-1891     American Association
    Bal  1882-1889     Baltimore, Md.
    Bal  1890          Baltimore, Md.
    Bal  1891          Baltimore, Md. (moved to National League, 1892)
    Bos  1891          Boston, Mass.
    Bro  1884-1889     Brooklyn, N.Y. (moved to National League, 1890)
    Bro  1890          Brooklyn, N.Y.
    Cin  1882-1889     Cincinnati, Ohio (moved to National League, 1890)
    Cin  1891          Cincinnati, Ohio
    Cle  1887-1888     Cleveland, Ohio (moved to National League, 1889)
    Col  1883-1884     Columbus, Ohio
    Col  1889-1891     Columbus, Ohio
    Ind  1884          Indianapolis, Ind.
    KC   1888-1889     Kansas City, Mo.
    Lou  1882-1891     Lousiville, Ky. (moved to National League, 1892)
    Mil  1891          Milwaukee, Wis.
    NY   1883-1887     New York, N.Y.
    Phi  1882-1891     Philadelphia, Penn.
    Pit  1882-1886     Pittsburgh, Penn. (moved to National League, 1887)
    Ric  1884          Richmond, Va.
    Roc  1890          Rochester, N.Y.
    StL  1882-1891     St. Louis, Mo. (moved to National League, 1892)
    Syr  1890          Syracuse, N.Y.
    Tol  1884          Toledo, Ohio
    Tol  1890          Toledo, Ohio
    Was  1884          Washington, D.C.
    Was  1891          Washington, D.C. (moved to National League, 1892)

    PL   1890          Players League
    Bos  1890          Boston, Mass.
    Bro  1890          Brooklyn, N.Y.
    Buf  1890          Buffalo, N.Y.
    Chi  1890          Chicago, Ill.
    Cle  1890          Cleveland, Ohio
    NY   1890          New York, N.Y.
    Phi  1890          Philadelphia, Penn.
    Pit  1890          Pittsburgh, Penn.

    UA   1884          Union Association
    Alt  1884          Altoona, Penn.
    Bal  1884          Baltimore, Md.
    Bos  1884          Boston, Mass.
    Chi  1884          Chicago, Ill. (combined with Pittsburgh, 1884)
    Cin  1884          Cincinnati, Ohio
    CP   1884          Chicago and Pittsburgh
    KC   1884          Kansas City, Mo.
    Mil  1884          Milwaukee, Wis.
    Phi  1884          Philadelphia, Penn.
    Pit  1884          Pittsburgh, Penn. (combined with Chicago, 1884)
    StL  1884          St. Louis, Mo.
    StP  1884          St. Paul, Minn.
    Was  1884          Washington, D.C.
    Wil  1884          Wilmington, Del.